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Elder Rights in Middle East and North Africa

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A World Tour of Older Persons Homes
Come on this World Tour to a little known place in the world to discover how older persons are living.

Iran Urges Baby Boom with Population Aging (July 29, 2012)

In Iran, authorities are slashing birth control programs in an effort to avoid an increasing an aging demographic similar to many Western countries that are struggling to keep up with medical and social security costs. Isn't there a better way!

Kuwait: The Family Development Charity Visits the Elderly Kuwaiti Citizens.(April25, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)

In April, 2012, The head of the Development Charity, Mohammad Al-Hajj,said that “visiting the elderly and persons with a disability is our duty as human being which all of us should do. Our visit expresses our appreciation to our older citizens for their past efforts to serve Kuwait. We trust that their families visit them and communicate with them which we know they will do.”

(Arabic Article)
Gulf Airlines, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, stated on April 4, 2012, that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the General Authority for Social Insurance to provide discounts on airline tickets for economy class to all retired citizens.

(Article in Arabic)
Mr. Barakat, the Minister of National Solidarity and Family said, “Families should keep their older people living with them and not abandon them.”  One representative in the National Assembly raised a question about the importance of building nursing homes to care for elders in the state of Maslia. Mr. Barakat said, “The elderly should stay with their families that provide them a comfortable environment to live; government assistance gives older persons financial independence under the protection of Algerian law 7-24.”

(Article in Arabic)

The “coming together” program organized family entertainment for older people at Palmmzr. Maitha Habssi said that " our aim is to raise a national awarness on older people  needs and express the important value of their contributions to our society

Emirates:A Retired Man Left His Home and Headed to Nursing Home in Sharjah (March 26, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
A senior citizen prefers to live in a nursing home than staying at his home. He does not want to continue to live with his family, although he owns an independent home and receives a monthly pension.

(Article in Arabic)
Unlike other nursing homes in Saudi Arabia, the nursing home in Jizan has only «one and only one older man.” Specialists attribute this situation to the uniqueness of the intimate relations in the region due to the strong relationship between parents and their relatives.

Emirates: Lecture in Shargah about Violence against the Elderly (March 20, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
A nursing Home in Shargah organized an awareness lecture entitled "The neglect of the elderly in the family.” The lecture focused on highlighting the importance of the role of the family in elderly care. It also addressed several issues including the categorization of the elderly in the society and the psychological and physical changes that occur at old age.

Egypt: The "Bank of Medicine" Calls for March 20 to be the Day for Elderly in Egypt (March 18, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The Bank of Egypt for Medicine calls for a national day for elderly to be celebrated all over Egypt.It stated that March 20 has been specifically chosen before the mother’s day in order to relieve the feeling of loneliness for elderly in nursing homes, especially for those who live away from their families and children.

Syria: 1781 Elderly Abandoned by Their Children (March 11, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Mother of Ahmed, a wealthy 85 year old woman started to live in a nursing home, because none of her children could take care of her. After she moved to the nursing home, she said: “I realized that the meaning of the word mother does not have any value when your children push you into misery and poverty.”

Morocco: Nursing Home in Casablanca is Committed to Save the Dignity of its Older People (March 9, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
According to Mohammed Saidi, Director General of the Association of Nur, the nursing home embraces 37 beneficiaries (22 women and 15 men). Saidi said "according to new standards nursing homes can only accept older people without children." However, he pointed out that his nursing home is looking forward to coordinating with relevant authorities to provide care even for those who have children.

Saudi Arabia: 25-years Years for a Criminal Gang (March 7, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
A criminal gang has consistently observed a group of older people so that they can rob them while they are performing the Fajr prayer.

Emirates: Commencing the Fourth “Family Forum” in Participation of Older People (March 7, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Our main aim of Family forum for the second year in a row is to strengthen the relationship with older people and make them feel appreciated

Palestine: Volunteers from the “Graduates Organization” Visit “Dar Wafaa” Nursing Home in Gaza. (March 7, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
This visit derives from a sequence of project activities and leaders volunteerism which aim to create a strong partnership with the center “let’s develop together”.

Emirates: The Foundation of Family Development launches An Initiative Called "Barakat DAR"(March 7, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The Foundation of Family Development has launched an initiative called "Barakat Dar"which raises the awareness of the needs of older people and mainstreams this initiative to all other centers in Abu Dhabi

Yemen: An Older Man Burns his Turban for not Receiving the Monthly Rent For His House and the Street Cleaners Strike for the Second Day (March 6, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Abbas Al-Hajj ,a 70  years older man, sets fire to his turban, for not receiving the  monthly rent from the housing  funding Department in EB Borough.

Egypt: A Researcher Wrote a Book on How to Improve the Role of Older People in Egypt (March 6, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Thomas Bujatz, A Researcher at the American University in Egypt wrote a book called” Growing Old in Egypt” . He considered the issue to be one of the main concerns in Developing countries, particularly in Egypt where the elderly population is increasing at fast pace while this growth does not generate any questions in regard to older people needs.

Israel: Elderly Israelis Suffer from Various Forms of Abuse by Their Caregivers (March 5, 2012)
(Article in Russian)
Research has shown that one out of every five senior citizens in Israel suffers from various forms of physical, psychological or financial abuse by their caregivers.

(Article in Arabic)
Ismail Bourke’s, the head of media in the National Secretariat for the National Federation for Retired People accused postal agents for giving poor customer service and little care to older people.  Buchris said “The elderly are subjected to bad treatment in postal services” and "We demand the payment of pensions through bank accounts instead of postal services centers.”

Lebanon: Lebanon’s Oldest Woman Dies at 113 (February 23, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Hallomi allocomi passed away in her town “Ahoiesh” in the region of Akkar in northern Lebanon. She was considered to be the oldest woman in Lebanon and reached the age of 113.

Emirates: More than Ten thousand Senior Citizens Receive Government Assistance (February 17, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The Ministry of Social Affairs reports that ten thousand sixty-five senior citizens receive government aid which covers 26.4% from the total beneficiaries’ population.  This aid allows them to have a decent life for themselves and their families.

Egypt: The Fight against Poverty and Lack of Care for Elderly, Disabled and Street Children (February13, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)

The absence of social justice is one of the most important reasons underlying the recent Egyptian revolution. To address this matter, the new parliament is going to prepare a “freedom and justice” package of laws and legislation to reform the economic system to achieve social justice.

Qatar: Qatar Foundation for Elderly Celebrates a Sport Day (February 12, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)

The Qatar Foundation celebrates a Sports Day highlighting athletic events with distinctive activities about different aspects of  health and sports for older persons in Qatar.

Arab Emirates: An Older Woman Writes a Poem on Why She’s Living in a Nursing Home(February11, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Revealing all the sorrows of a mother for her son who threw her out, left her for the sake of his wife, and who refused to live with her, an older woman writes a poem with crying words for her son who abandoned her for almost three years

Palestine: Celebration of the EID for the Birth of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) in a Nursing Home in Nablus (February 4, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The Freedom and Peace organization celebrated the EID Mawlid Nabawi, the birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) in the nursing home of the Palestinian Red Cross in Nablus.

Middle East and North Africa: The Living Condition for our Older People is Bad and the Future for our Generation is Dark! (February 2, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
For many reasons, older people in some Arab and Islamic countries are desperate, worried and lonely; they appear to lack psychological, moral and physical care. Some believe that they do not have a good relationship with their children. 

Egypt: Unidentified Robbers Broke into a "Nursing Home" in Helwan and Stole 100,000 Egyptian Pounds (February 1, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
On Wednesday morning, unknown robbers broke into a medical center attached to a old age nursing home in the Helwan area.  They took all the money from the nursing home treasury and escaped.

Palestine: “The Center of the Allegiance to Care for Older People" visited “Let’s Develop Together Center” in Gaza (January 30, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The visit began to develop cooperation, coordination and communication with local community institutions to serve older persons and provide a decent life for them.

Palestine: “So That We Don’t Forget Organization” Assembled an Entertainment Day for Older People in Palestine (January 28, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
"So that we don’t forget organization " put together  an entertainment program for elders living in Jenin. The project offered psychological support to these residents who lives are often threatened by attacks; volunteers, groups of children and women from the refugees camp took part in the happy event.

Saudi Arabia: Design of a New Wheel Chair Suitable for the Roads of Faifaa (January 25, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
A Faifaa citizen has designed a new wheel chair to help older persons walk on the rough roads of Faifaa after he could not use any other chair.  This new chair is particularly suitable for use on the rough road to his house. Fortunately, a skilled craftsman implemented the design  and constructed a solid chair which would help the old man walk through the rough streets of Faifaa.

Qatar: Folkloric Activities for Older and Disabled Persons to  Take Place Tomorrow at the Park BADAA (January 25, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The Department of Culture and Arts has assessed the effectiveness of cultural activities held at PARK BADAA. This public event integrates the efforts to provide public programs organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the public and other government institutions of the state.

Saudi Arabia: Two Men were Arrested for Robbing Older People at an ATM bank in Jazan (January 23, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Saudi security authorities in Jazan arrested two men in different places who deluded the elderly by helping them to use ATMs for the disbursement of their funds from retirement savings or social security.  After learning the password code, the robbers switched the cards so that they could take out all the older persons’ mone.

Algeria: Violation of Older People’s Rights Subject to Criminal Penalties (January 20, 2012)
(Article in Arabic)
The Algerian Minister for Family and Women, Nouara Saâdia Jaafari, reminded a plenary session of the Council of Nation about the application of a law on the protection of the elderly adopted in 2010. It stipulates that any person who physically or morally abuses an older person will be prosecuted and punished by the judicial system. In this struggle against neglect, violence, abuse, marginalization and exclusion from family and social environment, the Algerian authorities also provide financial support to families with low income so they can fulfill their assistance duty to seniors.

 Morocco: Older Man was thrown out of khnifra Hospital(January16,2012)
(Article in Arabic)
Moroccan citizens watched in shock the old man thrown out of Hospital. He was a patient for three years in Khnifra Hospital and without any notice, the man found himself in a street without any medical care or a home to turn to.

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